What fabric can I use for making masks?

The approved pattern which has been vetted by healthcare providers requires 100% cotton. However, if necessary, you may use a cotton/polyester blend IF it passes the breathability test, i.e. hold up 2 layers to your mouth and try to breathe through it repeatedly. If you can breathe, it should be acceptable.

If I can’t find elastic (1/4”, 1/8” or 3/8”), what else can I use as a substitute?

Acceptable options

  • Narrow elastic headbands (available at Dollar Store in bundles) 

  • Elastic hair ties

  • Sewn ties using the alternative pattern

  • Braided ribbon

  • Strips of Cotton Woven Fabric

Not acceptable:  Please do not use …

  • Strips of t-shirts 

  • Satin ribbon


What should I use for the metal nose piece? 

Acceptable options

  • Plastic-coated twist ties

  • Garden ties

  • Floral Wire 12 to 18 Gauge

  • 12 to 18 gauge wire

  • Pipe cleaners

Not acceptable:  Please do not use …

  • Metal file fasteners

  • Paper clips


Where do I find the filters to insert in the filter pocket?

Healthcare providers are inserting their own filters if they choose to use them. 


Should I use starch or spray the masks with waterproofing?

No, some spray starch and waterproofing products have chemicals that would be unhealthy to breathe. These could make the person wearing the mask sick and cause eye irritation.  


I am having difficulty with pleats.  Is there anyone who can help me?

Yes!  You can reach out to your Team Lead to see if there are any Sewing Assistants signed up to help or you can watch the helpful video below!